A car’s Steering Damper functions as the device to restrict wobbling sideway movements in the steering column. It is also known as a Steering Stabilizer. This part is usually an essential item in vehicles with large wheels such as trucks and SUVs (Sport Utility Vehicles). It gives drivers a better feel of the demanding terrain the car navigates on.

Look out for symptoms of a bad Steering Damper that hints of the need for a replacement.

A loose or wobbly steering wheel could be an indication that the Steering Damper is failing. But this issue may be caused by a damaged steering column as well.

If you notice fluid leaks on the ground in the areas behind the engine and under the driver’s side, it could be coming from the Steering Damper. This is due to a broken seal or gasket on the Steering Damper, resulting in hydraulic fluid leaking. This hydraulic fluid is what keeps the steering in control.

In situations where the Steering Damper has completely failed, a rattling noise can be heard underneath the vehicle. This is caused by the broken and loose damper hitting on the steering column or the joints.

If the steering wheel vibrates at high speeds, it could be a Steering Damper problem as well, though it may be caused by imbalance tyres or worn CV Joints. For reasons of safety, be sure to have the vehicle inspected by a qualified mechanic.

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