A car Fuel Pump performs the function of drawing petrol from the petrol tank to the engine according to the vehicle’s demands. Signs of a failing fuel pump include:

Difficulty Starting  – The Fuel Pump is activated whenever the ignition is turned on and will weaken as time goes by. Due to a lack of pressure, the Fuel Pump may be difficult to start.

Sputtering Engine Noises – This usually occurs when the vehicle is cruising at a high speed, and is due to the Fuel Pump being unable to provide the amount of petrol that the vehicle needs at that pressure.

Surging Effect – This feels like the gas pedal has been depressed intermittently, and is due to irregular resistance occurring within the Fuel Pump.

Low Petrol Mileage – Make a point to monitor if the car needs to fill up petrol more often than before. This may be due to excessive petrol is being drawn to the engine than necessary.

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