Gases created via combustion in an engine pushes the Pistons, which in turn rotates the crankshaft. The chain of motion eventually leads to power channeled to the wheels.

A blown piston might mean a melted or cracked piston, resulting in low compression from the cylinder of the damaged piston.

Look for out for symptoms of a damaged piston:

Engine Oil Leak – Oil will leak from worn or damaged Piston Rings, and enter the combustion chamber. Oil burning in the combustion chamber will produced extreme heat, resulting in an overheated engine.

Loss of Power – The car will lose its usual power upon acceleration, and/or experience a delayed reaction upon acceleration. In extreme cases, the car might not even move.

White Smoke: Engine oil leaked into the combustion chamber is burning, producing the visually unusual white smoke emitting from the exhaust.

Make it a point to use trustworthy Oil Filters and have the engine oil changed at recommended intervals.

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