Belts serving different components of a car are essential to run the engine as it should be. These include Timing Belts, Fan or V-ribbed Belts (V-Belt) and Alternator Belts.

Timing Belts coordinate rotations of the camshaft and crankshaft in order for the engine valves and pistons to move in sync.

V Belts or V-Ribbed Belts are termed so due to the tapered sides they possess, which resembles a “V” shape. They usually sit in the V-groove of pulleys, and power is transmitted through the wedging action.

While we can use the car manufacturer’s guide for a Belt’s lifespan, it is always beneficial to perform checks on the Timing Belts during scheduled vehicle maintenance sessions. Signs it’s time for a Belt replacement include dryness, fraying and discoloration of the belts.

A seemingly simple and inexpensive part it may be, the consequences of failed belts may prove catastrophic as they bring direct impact to the engine.

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