A connecting rod or conrod in the car engine functions as a arm that joins the Piston to the Crankshaft. It enables a connected motion from the Piston to the crankshaft as a result of this joint.

The small end of the conrod connects to the Piston with a piston pin. The big end of the con rod connects to crankshaft via a crankpin journal.

What causes conrod failures?

Look out for symptoms of a conrod failure

A bad or failing conrod will cause the engine to consume too much engine oil. Hence the car often signals of low engine oil level.

Listen out for any knocking sounds coming from engine upon ignition and during running. This sound may last for a short while until the engine oil has circulated through the engine and lubricated the parts in there.

Look out for a signal on the dashboard that indicates low oil pressure. There may be a seperate oil pressure gauge in the engine compartment as well. Low oil pressure indicates the engine oil is not being circulated well enough through the engine, which may result in an overheated engine.

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