The Clutch system is located between the engine and transmission, it is what connects and disconnects the engine power when needed. It also acts as a protection for the drive train if the clutch is subjected to mishandling.

The Clutch Cover is attached to the Flywheel and via the Clutch Disc, engages or disengages power to the car.

Life span of the Clutch system is largely determined by driving habits and style, such as frequent stop & go city driving, frequent heavy loads on a vehicle and clutching in while going down slope.

How to tell if your Clutch is worn?

Signs of a bad Clutch include the car moving off slowly while the engine is going at high revs, or if there is difficulty in engaging gears at all.

Listen out for any noises when the gear is in neutral or when the clutch pedal is depressed. And watch out for a vibrating clutch pedal or whether it feels stiff or even loose.

Clutch Kits in a set consisting of Clutch Cover, Clutch Disc and Clutch Release Bearing (selected models) are available online. It may be a more cost effective option in your transmission overhaul.

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