Brake shoes are part of the drum brake system. Whenever brakes of a car are being engaged, the Brake Shoes are pressed against the brake drum, inducing brake action. And when braking occurs, friction on the Brake Shoes wears off. Once the wear has reached a limit, the brake shoe should be replaced. Look out for signs that hint the brake shoes have been worn out.

Worn Brake Shoes will produce odd noises when the brake pedal is depressed or released.

A less responsive braking effect is also a sign that the Brake Shoes need to be checked.

And if you noticed the car tends to roll when the parking brake is engaged, have the Brake Shoes checked as well. Brake Shoes hold the car in place when the parking brake is being engaged. If the Brakes Shoes have worn down or are dusty, they will not be able to hold the vehicle effectively as they should.

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