A Tie Rod End is a component that is part of the Steering & Suspension system in a vehicle.

They are available as Inner Tie Rod End and Outer Tie Rod End, and work with the Ball Joints. They connect the steering rack to the wheels to facilitate a turn.

Tie Rod Ends tend to wear out over time and become loose. Often, the boot cracks and allows moisture to seep into the Tie Rod End, resulting in corrosion.

What are the symptoms of a bad Tie Rod End?

As the Tied Rod End is linked to the entire Steering & Suspension system, a faulty Tie Rod End will affect the steering alignment of the vehicle, producing undesirable symptoms such as an inability to keep the car straight while in motion. Vibrations will also be felt on the steering wheel as the vehicle accelerates, though this may be a sign of another part of the steering & suspension system failing as well.

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