Ball Joints on a car connect the car’s tire and wheel to its suspension system. The Ball Joint functions as a pivot between the wheels and the suspension of the car. There are Upper Ball Joints and Lower Ball Joints on both sides of most vehicles.

When the steering wheel turns, the steering system pushes and pulls the spindles, which the brakes and wheels are bolted onto. The Ball Joints act as the pivot for the spindles, therefore allowing the wheels to turn.

Ball Joints should be inspected during scheduled car maintenance sessions or at mileage intervals. Signs will surface if a vehicle is subjected to stress, resulting in the Ball Joints exceeding the car manufacturer’s maximum allowance for movements.

A Ball Joint replacement is required when the joint has come loose, emitting noises as a result, especially on uneven roads. Another symptom of a bad Ball Joint is uneven tire wear on the inside of the tires or feathering of the tires.

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