A car Glow Plug is a heating device that is used for starting diesel engines, just like Spark Plugs are used for petrol engines.

While Spark Plugs create combustion in petrol engines, Glow Plugs raises temperature of the air till the diesel oil combusts due to the hot pressured air.  This is especially useful when starting the car under cold temperatures.

Look out for symptoms of a Glow Plug failure.

Difficulty Starting – Failed Glow Plugs will not be able to start the car or will experience difficulties, as the engine has to cope with more pressure to ignite the diesel oil without the heated Glow Plugs.

Engine Misfires – If the Glow Plug is not working, heat is not generated for combustion of the diesel oil, resulting in misfires. The vehicle will also experience a loss in power upon acceleration.

Black Smoke – Malfunctioning Glow Plugs may have adverse effects in the combustion of diesel oil, producing black smoke from the exhaust.

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