Bearings allow for automotive parts to rotate or to liner movements. These Bearings act as mechanisms to reduce friction and to bear heavy loads. Several types of Bearings exist in a car’s mechanical system.

Ball bearings are rolling bearings for the purpose of reduction of friction, supporting radial and axial loads and they allow for changes in speed.

Another type of regular looking plain bearings contains no rolling parts and serves the ability to bear heavy load. They also have a longer life span than rolling bearings.

Thrust Bearings function similarly to Ball Bearings. Several types of Thrust Bearing are available, namely : tapered roller thrust bearings, cylindrical bearings, and spherical bearings.

Bearings in Clutch Release allows the engine to be disconnected because the Bearing seperates from the pressure plate following a depress on the clutch pedal.

Signs that indicate it’s time a Clutch Bearing replacement includes stuck clutch, difficulties in gearing change, vibrating pedal and any noises upon depress of the clutch pedal.

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