As a vehicle slows down, it loses its momentum. The car’s Flywheel performs the function of making up for that lost of momentum with its stored power gained through resistance to rotational speed. The Flywheel works with the clutch system in the car, involving the Clutch Disc, Clutch Cover & Clutch Bearing.

Look out for symptoms of a bad Flywheel:

If the clutch is being abused through harsh driving methods over a prolonged period of time, much heat is generated as a result of the friction produced on the clutch system. An acrid smell become noticeable.

While changing gears, you may experience gear slipping, where the car does not get up to the speed the gear should deliver. This slipping of clutch will eventually wear out the Flywheel as well, where grinding noises from the clutch area is produced.

Feel for any vibrations from the clutch pedal upon clutch-in. This may be a sign that the sping mounts of the Flywheel have been damaged.

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