Piston Rings are split rings that fit into the outer sides of a Piston in the engine. The Piston Rings function as a seal to prevent combustion gas from leaking from the gap between the Pistons and the cylinder walls.

They are also aid to regulate the amount of oil going into the Pistons for its movement in the cylinder. Its presence will also dissipate the heat from the Pistons to the cylinder, preventing an overheated engine.

Look out for symptoms of damaged piston rings.

A common sign is white smoke emitting from the exhaust. This is due to engine oil leaking into the combustion chamber and getting burnt. The oil leak will also mean there is less oil for the engine’s usage, resulting in the engine oil appearing to be finishing up at a faster rate than usual.

Damaged Piston Rings will also lead to reduced compression and hence, the car will experience decreased engine power. If severe, the car will not be able to accelerate at all.

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