A car Fuel Filter does the job of filtering out dirt particles from the fuel.

Unfiltered fuel is known to contain particles such as rust or paint chips etc. from the fuel tank. These particles will result in damaged fuel pumps and fuel injectors if they are allowed to pass through. Clean fuel allows for it to burn more efficiently and will enhance the performance of the car as well.

The filtered particles in the Fuel Filter builds up over time, creating a blockage as a result and will reach a point where less fuel reaches the engine than it should be. As a disciplined approach, the Fuel Filter should be changed at regular intervals.

What are the symptoms of a bad Fuel Filter?

If you are driving the car and it feels lacking in engine power, check the Fuel Filter first. This is especially so in situations that demand added power such as an up slope navigation, sudden acceleration or if the vehicle is laden with a heavy load. A blocked Fuel Filter is preventing fuel from reaching the engine for the extra power needed.

Although there may be many reasons that result in a lack of engine power, a check on the Fuel Filter first might prove to be the most cost effective option.

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