A car’s Shock Absorber a.k.a Damper absorbs any shocks the car experiences while in motion. It also enables drivers to maintain control of the vehicle while moving over uneven surfaces.

What are the symptoms of a bad Shock Absorber?

A worn valve or piston seal in the Shock Absorber allows fluid to leak. This leakage causes any slight movement in the steering and brakes to feel “exaggerated”, such as swerving at a turn or lunging forward on a brake. Upon braking, it will take an evidently longer time before the car comes to a stop. The leaking fluid may also show up on the sides of the affected Shock Absorber.

And as a worn Shock Absorber is unable to keep the wheels even on the road, there will be uneven wear in the tyres. Just check the tyre markings.

Another area prone to damage is the attachment points at the ends of the Shock Absorber. These attachment points are used to secure the Shock Absorbers to the car, and they come with rubber bushings which may crack. A tapping sound when driving over bumps may indicate a broken rubber bushing there.

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