Gaskets serve the function of sealing gaps between joined parts to prevent leakages under pressure. They also allow for irregular surfaces to be joined and sealed together.

Gaskets have a few applications within a car, such as in the engine Cylinder Head and Valve Covers.

Cylinder Head Gasket – Fitted between the cylinder head and engine block, the Head Gasket Cylinder blocks engine oil from leaking into the cylinders. It is exposed to a range of temperatures which will eventually be worn out, causing leaks or if serious, a blown Head Gasket.

Valve Cover Gasket – This seals the valve cover to the cylinder head, and prevents engine oil from leaking as it works its way into the camshaft and valves etc. Over time, this rubber material gets worn out by contact with the engine oil, causing leakages. An engine misfire may even occur as a result.

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