The function of a Fuel Injector is to deliver fuel to the combustion chamber of the engine, by sparying fuel into the engine’s inlet valve or into the engine’s cylinders.

Parts of the Fuel Injector can also contribute to the malfunction of the Fuel Injector if they are worn over time.

Look out for signs of a bad Fuel Injector

The engine warning symbol that appears on the dashboard might indicate an issue with the Fuel Injector, though it could point to other issues as well.

Misfiring or a delay in response upon acceleration may also indicate a blockage in the nozzle of the Fuel Injector. The misfiring is a result of insufficient fuel being fed into the combustion chamber which requires a right amount of fuel to air mixture. This also causes the engine idle noise to sound more rough than usual.

If too little fuel reaches the engine, the engine will experience a stall without the driver’s interference. This indicates either a bad clog in the Fuel Injector or possibly a leaking Fuel Injector. The leakage may also occur in parts of the Fuel Injector which connect to the fuel lines. In this situation, the smell of fuel can be detected.

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