The Idler for Timing Belt in a car functions as a pulley to keep the timing belt in position. It acts as a rotating point for the belt to loop around for correct routing.

This Idler can be worn out over time, and here are signs of an impending failure of a Timing Belt Idler.

As the pulley spins against the timing belt, friction comes into play and both will develop wear visible to the eye. If severe, tension is reduced and may result in the belt slipping. Look out for this wear.

The worn surface of Idler pulley will cause the Timing Belt to produce a squealing sound as they rub against each other.

In the case where the Idler pulley has cracked, it disrupts rotation of the belt and may cause the Timing Belt to drop from the engine or even break. An engine running without a belt can result in overheating and stalling.

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