Honda S660

Is The Honda S660 The Greatest KEI Car Ever Made?

Hot KEI on the way!

Although Kei cars have been available in Japan for the past 50 plus years we’re starting to experience a greater demand for smaller city going vehicles in many areas of the world and especially here in the UK. You only have to spend a short time in city traffic to realise the advantage of driving a smaller, more agile car.

The S660 offers obvious practical advantages to city driving but the best thing is the unrelenting smile it brings to your face. Its simply impossible not to love this car.

But before all that, a little background as to how the Kei car came about. Due to economic difficulties facing Japanese households post WWII there was a clear need for more affordable vehicles. The Kei car was born and although extremely basic at first and limited to a 100cc engine, it evolved into something more sophisticated and car like. Over the years engine capacity was incrementally raised and now sits at 660cc.

Today, Kei cars are ever more popular and now make up around a third of all domestic new car production.

Most Japanese manufacturers have released a Kei car at some point but few can claim to have produced anything really interesting.

The majority are boxy and basic so you wouldn’t be the first to see them as uninspiring or perhaps even ugly. Serving a need rather than stirring the soul.

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