How to Identify Counterfeit Brake Pads

A Toyota Dealer Bulletin warns that thousands of brake pads containing deadly asbestos and designed to fit one of the world’s most popular cars are being sold illegally to buyers unaware they are counterfeit parts.

Counterfeit packaging may look visually very similar to the authentic product to deceive consumers. Could you identify a brake pad as an authentic or counterfeit Toyota product? Your life depends on it.

  1. The packaging on the counterfeit product may appear authentic, but the labels are different.
  2. The quality of the backing plate stamping is different on the counterfeit — it is too indented, resulting in distortion.
  3. Compare the brake wear indicator. The counterfeit pad has very poor riveting, and a different material than used on the authentic Toyota brake pad.
  4. Be wary of “Genuine” Toyota Brake Pad sets offered for as little as $5.00 / set and quantities up to 100,000.

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