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2019 Subaru BRZ Review

Surely Sports-Car-Guys didn’t miss this!

The BRZ is hardly a straight-line champ. It saunters up to 60 mph more slowly than nearly all of its rivals, but that’s missing the point anyhow.

The flat cylinder arrangement in the BRZ gives it a low center of mass that keeps the coupe uncommonly level around corners. Quick steering doubles up on the immediacy around the bends; the BRZ is a blast when the roads just can’t stay straight. We like that.

Coils over struts in the front and a double wishbone in back prioritize weight over the front wheels. Nail the throttle and the BRZ’s weight gingerly slides toward the rear, where its tail can step out in predictable—but not very powerful—slides over and over, again. A Torsen limited-slip differential helps the BRZ mind its manners, even when we don’t.

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